Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan (lifetime)?

Your SOURCE Hydropanels have a 15-year life at which point we recommend a detailed service. We expect at that point, some internal parts will need repair or replacement. Your local Certified SOURCE Installer will work with you to make sure this service is taken care of and you always have access to your perfected water.

What are my dispenser options?

“SOURCE Hydropanels can connect to any dispenser supporting 80 psi including:
– A countertop hot/cold dispenser
– A designated tap
– Your refrigerator
– A wall mounted bottle filler
– A free standing dispenser

We have several dispenser options you can select to purchase or you can choose to use one of your own.”

What if I have any issues with my Hydropanels?

On your installation day, you will be given the contact information for your service support team. We offer service in-house and also work with your local Certified SOURCE Installer partners to make sure your array receives immediate attention should it need any servicing. If for any reason you need assistance from us directly, you can reach us at (480)-626-7437 or toll free +1-855-796-9283.

How much maintenance does SOURCE require?

SOURCE is low-maintenance, like any standard appliance. It requires the air filter and polishing cartridge to be changed once annually & the mineral cartridge once every 5 years. You can do the maintenance yourself or your local Certified SOURCE Installer can come out and provide the service for you.

Can I store my water?

SOURCE has a 30-liter (60 bottles worth!) reservoir to support your drinking water needs for about a week. If you need to store more water than that, you can purchase a larger reservoir to supply your water for more extended periods, like during travel or freezing weather months.

Will pollution in the air make its way into my water?

SOURCE has two steps in its water production process that keep any pollution in the air from getting into your water. First, the built-in air filter keeps particulates and other debris from finding their way into the Hydropanel. Second, because our special materials only attract water molecules, the water produced is pure, similar to distilled- leaving anything else in the air behind. This pure, liquid water flows into each Hydropanel’s integrated reservoir where it is mineralized with calcium and magnesium and kept clean.

How is my water protected?

Your water quality is our top priority. That’s why Hydropanels are designed to protect water quality through five steps in your water’s journey
1. An integrated air filter keeps particulates and debris from finding their way into the Hydropanel.
2. When extracting the water vapor from the air, SOURCE only attracts water molecules, leaving everything in the air behind
3. The conversion process inside the Hydropanel raises the dew point to drive condensation specifically for water
4. Water stored in your reservoir is protected by an integrated sterilization system keeping the environment inside the reservoir clean and your water’s quality pristine
5. Finally, a polishing cartridge at the tap ensures no variation in quality between the reservoir and your tap

Does SOURCE purify and filter the water it produces?

SOURCE water starts pure and is made better through mineralization, unlike most water which starts dirty and has to be cleaned. To protect SOURCE water quality, the Hydropanels filter the air before it passes through the system and water is kept clean with ozonation inside the integrated reservoir.

What regulatory standards does SOURCE water meet?

SOURCE meets and exceeds the FDA & EPA requirements for drinking water as well as the local standards at SOURCE installations worldwide.

How is SOURCE different than a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers connect to the electric grid and most often rely on active condensation using cooling coils or a refrigerant to extract moisture from the air. This process is energy-intensive and results in water that is not safe to consume. SOURCE is off-grid, using solar energy to raise the dewpoint inside the Hydropanels, driving passive condensation resulting in high-quality water that is pure similar to distilled. While both technologies make water from moisture in the air, SOURCE Hydropanels make high-quality drinking water without connecting to external power.

Does SOURCE work in freezing climates?

When the temperature hits freezing, SOURCE enters a hibernation mode. When the temperature rises above the freezing point, your Hydropanels sense the warmth and return to making water.

Does SOURCE work on cloudy or rainy days?

Since Hydropanels are a solar-powered technology, SOURCE requires exposure to sunlight to make water. Hydropanel installations in severely cloudy areas may experience lower than average production. We encourage customers in these areas to include an additional Hydropanel in your array. Our team can run projected estimates on your location and provide a report for you to ensure your SOURCE array meets your needs.

Does SOURCE work in dry areas?
Yes, SOURCE is uniquely capable of making water in a wide range of conditions (including at our office in the arid Scottsdale, Arizona desert!).
Can I use SOURCE for my whole home?
SOURCE Hydropanels make the most important water you need- the water you put in your body. Our Hydropanels are designed specifically to provide water for drinking and cooking but arrays can be sized to meet any water production volume.
Do the Hydropanels produce energy for me to power my home?
Nope, SOURCE use all the energy it generates to produce and deliver your water.
What are the dimensions and footprint of SOURCE?
Each SOURCE Hydropanel is 4 feet by 8 feet x 3.5 feet.
How much does each Hydropanel weigh?
Each SOURCE Hydropanel weighs 340 lbs (dry weight). Our SOURCE installation partners make sure the Hydropanels are mounted to your roof in a manner supporting your array properly.
Can I install SOURCE myself?
We do not currently offer a self-installation option. Because the quality of your water is important to us, our installation partners are trained to ensure your Hydropanels are installed and functioning to the highest standard.
Can SOURCE be installed on a boat or an RV?
At this time, SOURCE is not configured for boat or RV installation. If you’d like to be notified of when SOURCE for your RV or boat is available visit:
Will a large number of Hydropanels dry out the environment?
No! In fact, our scientists have calculated it would take at least 70,000 Hydropanels per person on earth to begin to make an impact.
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Where is ZMW based?
Zero Mass Water is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.
How can I join the Zero Mass Water team?
How can I join the Zero Mass Water team?
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